I am married to a wonderful woman, Gretchen, a newly minted OB/GYN surgeon, and we had our first child, Elliot Orwell, in October of 2017. I'm a stay at home dad now—my son and I spend our days writing (ABCs, drawing (stick figures) and watercoloring (on the wall). Before long, I'll have him playing Dungeons & Dragons and strategy board games. I am currently finishing my first novel, By the Wayside, a dystopian story focusing on class and religious tumult in near-future Washington D.C. 

In recent years, I've been a full-time Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Photographer for Hagerty Classic Cars and Art Director for the Traverse City Film Festival. I developed concept-driven visual marketing solutions as an art director with Quorum, LindyLazar Marketing, Idea Stream and now, with my personal company, Augustino Creative Services.

Responsible for concepting and execution of strategic print, web and multimedia visual marketing campaigns for a variety of clients both large and small. Excels in deadline-driven environments both alone and with other designers, following great ideas from conception through complete production and press due to a solid Communication Design education, exceptional previous employment and a genuine love for visual media.

Focused time at Augustino, Idea Stream, LindyLazar and Quorum International on graphic design, illustration, typography, photography and art direction. Also have a background in writing, including copy writing and advertising concept. Experience on press, including in China, where communication of printing issues must be expressed with precision due to the language barrier.
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